Past CJSO Events

  • CJSO Dinner & Speaker Series
  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • Cest Japon a Suisha
  • 208 Slater St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H8

 Ms. Caroline Ishii

Awardwinning Chef, TV Personality, Speaker and Author

 INFO CJSO: Caroline has had a love and curiosity for food and flavours since she was a child in Toronto helping her mother prepare traditional Japanese dishes. This interest grew into a passion for the fundamentals and creativity of cooking while visiting Japan with her mother and has formed her emergence in Canada as a gifted, award-winning chef, TV personality and writer on healthy food and living.


 In April, CJSO was joined by Dr. Jacob Kovalio of Carleton University for a review of the events that shaped Japan in 2016.

Japan in 2016 : The Year in Review – Society, Politics, and Foreign Policy

In February 2017, the CJSO was joined by Professor Scott Simon of the University of Ottawa for a fascinating discussion about the perception of the Japanese Administration on Formosa.

Left Behind: From Japanese Administration to Colonial Nostalgia on Formosa

On January 17, 2017, CJSO members attended Carleton University Professor’s public lecture entitled The Year That Was: Japan’s Society, Politics, Foreign Policy in 2016.

The Year That Was: Japan’s Society, Politics, Foreign Policy in 2016

On November 16, 2016, the CJSO welcomed Sachiko Okuda to speak about the history of the Japanese-Canadian Redress Agreement of 1988 as well as her personal experiences as a Japanese-Canadian.

CJSO Ottawa Speaker 3

History of The Japanese-Canadian Redress Agreement of 1988 – November 16, 2016

On October 19, 2016, Dr. Shunichiro Nakao spoke to the CJSO at Suisha Gardens about the Japan Public Health Care System with comparisons to the Canadian system.

CJSO dsc_0005-suisha-dinner-medicine-lecture-evening-19-oct-2016 image0011 dsc_0003-suisha-dinner-medicine-lecture-evening-19-oct-2016

Celebrating a World Leader in Health Care Provision: The 55th Anniversary of Japan’s National Health Insurance Program and Emergency Medicine

Paid Holiday in Japan for Retirees: Teaching English Overseas Not Just for Fresh University Grads – September 21, 2016

CJSO Speaker Series 2

Many have heard of the JET Programme, Japan’s Exchange Teaching Program which caters to recent university graduates, but most are not aware of the teaching opportunities for retirees. Liz Malinski and Jim Argue shared their secrets to a paid vacation in Japan!

Liz Malinski and Jim Argue are retired elementary school educators. They share a passion for teaching, learning, and exploring life and culture abroad. They have also had, over a number of years, the privilege of teaching English Conversation courses to Japanese university students. They shared the many highs and occasional lows of their roller coaster experience, working and living in Tokyo – Japan’s most cosmopolitan, energetic, and populous city.
CJSO Speaker Series 4

VENUE: Kiko Japanese Restaurant, 349 Preston St, Ottawa, ON
: Wednesday, September 21, 2016
TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FEE: No admission fee, however, meal costs are covered by participants (i.e. pay for what you order)

CJSO Speaker Series

CJSO organized a booth at the JETAA Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) 2016.

JETAA Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) 2016

CJSO was active at the cultural baseball game between Shikoku Island League All-Stars and the Ottawa Champions.

Japanese Baseball’s Shikoku Island League All-Stars taking on the Ottawa Champions, June 28-30, 2016

Carol Floyd presents Miyuki Beads

Carol Floyd has been involved in a variety of crafts for many years. For the past ten years she had had an interest in ‘Beading’. She now owns and operates a bead store in Arnprior called Carol’s Past Time.

CJSO April 20, 2016 2 CJSO April 20, 2016 3 CJSO April 20, 2016 4 CJSO April 20, 2016 9

Carol presented about Miyuki Beads. Miyuki Beads are a type of seed bead that are made in Japan. What makes them different from other beads is they are made with precision and lock together to make a smooth surface for a necklace or a woven product.

CJSO April 20, 2016 11CJSO April 20, 2016 16 CJSO April 20, 2016 12 CJSO April 20, 2016 14 CJSO April 20, 2016 15 CJSO April 20, 2016 17 CJSO April 20, 2016 18 CJSO April 20, 2016 19

VENUEKiko Japanese Restaurant349 Preston St, Ottawa, ON  
: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FEE: Free



Three Linked Anniversaries in Contemporary Japanese History: 70 Years since the end of the Pacific War; 70 Years since the promulgation of the Peace Constitution and 60 years since the founding of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).”

By Dr. Jacob Kovalio


CJSO March 16, 2016 2 CJSO Mar 16, 2016 20 CJSO Mar 16, 2016 19 CJSO Mar 16, 2016 18 CJSO Mar 16, 2016 10 CJSO Mar 16, 2016 5


VENUE: Kiko Japanese Restaurant, 349 Preston St, Ottawa, ON 
: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FEE: No admission fee, however, meal costs are covered by participants (i.e. pay for what you order)

Dr. Jacob Kovalio is an expert on Japanese history, political culture and foreign policy, who has taught at Carleton University since 1987. Dr. Kovalio is the recipient of two Japan Foundation Research Fellowships and three Carleton University Excellence in Teaching Awards. He is the former president of the Japan Studies Association of Canada and the president of Japan Pacific World Consulting. In 2014 he was awarded a Foreign Minister of Japan’s Commendation for contributions to the study of Japan and to Japan-Canada friendship. Among his publications are “A.J.Toynbee and Japan” [ in Kovalio ed. Japan in Focus], “Japan from Kurofune to Orientalism” [online], The Russian Protocols of Zion in Japan [ 2009] etc. He will be discussing topics ranging from Japan’s relations with China and the security situation in the Indo-Pacific through to contemporary social issues including the greying of society and the Hikikomori [social recluses].


The Grand Adventure of JET:  Living, Teaching and Travelling

CJSO Feb 17 2016 6 CJSO Feb 17 2016 7

taiko 2014 - sm Jumping shot sm

“Adventures in Japan on the JET  Programme”
By Janelle Weibelzahl

VENUE: Kiko Japanese Restaurant
 DATE: Wednesday, February 17, 2016
TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FEE: No Admission Fee. You pay for what you order.

 Janelle Weibelzahl is the current president of the JET Alumni Association in Ottawa. Originally from Surrey, BC, she spent four years living in Mie Prefecture, Japan, teaching English in high schools as an Assistant Language Teacher with the JET Programme. She is now working with university students at the Laurentian Leadership Centre, a live-in academic internship program located in downtown Ottawa. She endeavours to see the world through adventure-coloured glasses. 

EVENT: ‘A Martial Arts Evening’ with Sensei George Castiglia

37-Martial Arts George Castaglia 23Nov15_00001
VENUEStay Tuned
DATE: Wednesday, January 20, 2016
TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
FEE: No Admission Fee. You pay for what you order.


37-Martial Arts George Castaglia 23Nov15_00003

Hello , My name is George Castaglia. Tonight I am here to talk about my travels and training in Japanese martial arts. I started training at the age of nine. I have trained in various styles of martial arts, and found that traditional Karate is what I enjoyed the most. I will discuss the country of Japan and the art I love very much with lots of pictures. Please don’t be shy, but ask me lots of questions. I’m happy to respond. Thanks, George.
37-Martial Arts George Castaglia 23Nov15_0000237-Martial Arts George Castaglia 23Nov15_00004

37-Martial Arts George Castaglia 23Nov15_00005